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    Brand ceramic vases Peony Blossom with Limited Edition
    Release time:2016-10-24 11:44??Responsibility editor:xiaoxiao

    Big NEWS to you all!

    To develop the Maritime Silk Route between China & the world since ancient time,We are pleased to launch one Precious Brand Master piece(by great artist--Wang Tianzhong) Ceramic Vase of PEONY BLOSSOM in the Flourishing Time.This painting is a Limited Edition(193 PCS, As the main countries in the world are 193) and each ID can buy one piece only.

    Here comes the unique vases with safety package and wood box for your reference.

    This brand ceramic vase is painted by our great artist--Wang Tianzhong in Jingdezhen,the name of this vase is PEONY BLOSSOM in the Flourishing Time.This painting is Limited Edition(193 PCS),each painting is unique and 1 PC only, the unique code end with No.6 or 8 sells for ¥8888 per one,while normal number is ¥6666.The vase we guarantee buy back & its value will keep increasing (5 years keep 30% increasing,while 10 years for 100%).(if return back within 5 years,its value shall deduct 20%).

    We list out our product poster as above and below shows.Each vase sells with formal invoice,test certificate,storage certificate together.Also this vase is notarized by law and copyright.If anyone who like this vase please feel free to let me know.Email,
    Creation concept of this vase:
    Company certificate & Notarization


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