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    EHMAC--Alongda Brand brief introduction
    Release time:2016-08-30 16:15??Responsibility editor:xiaoxiao

    EHMAC is One Brand of Alongda Ceramics,the full name of our brand is Eastern Hand Made Artistic Ceramics.


    Here comes our Brand logo EHMAC with English & Chinese combination for you:The meanings of our Brand is that we will do our best to be the Best manufacturer of Eastern Hand Made Artistic of Ceramic products.


    As we are from the world famous capital city--Jingdezhen in China,we'd like to inherit the hand painted technology & art by generations,also we will show them to worldwide people know about our porcelain art cultures.



    Meanwhile,our company name is Alongda Ceramics,and the logo below is our company Logo,the main pattern is an Eastern Dragon(which represents we are the generations of the Dragon,Dragon is auspicious in our Chinese culture)with big A (Artistic or first character of Alongda),also Dragon stands for growing up and active.The Chinese character 阿龍達 is our Chinese spelling.


    We have already registered our Brand 東藝達 in China,and we are also going to register in USA.We hope our brand products will show to more people worldwide.

    Our Porcelain Painting collections for walls are listed on Amazon US,UK,CA,IT,Germany,Spain,France also DHGate etc..If you like our paintings please click to buy on Amazon and DHGate as follows:





    Alongda ceramics