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    Alongda Porcelain Wall Paintings EXCLUSIVE 1 PC ONLY
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    Alongda Ceramics-- Abstract style with the oriental culture and the traditional materials combined with Chinese works of art from the spirit and content, is also an inter-temporal and cross-cultural creation. Works filled with mottled beauty and breath of life, with high temperature changes between the pigment build poetic spirit realm, the Chinese culture and global perspective combine to provide a global dream.

    Historically, ceramic culture as a cultural world power output, showing the wisdom and the great Chinese nation. We can say that China's ceramic culture have represented a powerful bit of luxury. Today, in the world ceramic culture stage, we see the glorious history, see the old faces of ceramic culture, China's ceramic culture has become a lack of modern and contemporary art high technology products. In this context, the sudden emergence of porcelain painting. This began from the Qianlong period (Qing Dynasty) style ceramic, now no longer a simple craft, but became the category of contemporary art, and began to become more international.

    Alongda Ceramics--We select to paint on the Kaolin clay panel because the panel is from the earth, good-nature and tolerant personality can carry our exploration on the flat panel, when finished the creation of drawings, then cast transparent glaze, restore the flame burning at high temperature, in turn generating kiln changes fire. Needless to say, it is the most representative of Chinese ceramic art forms and cultural uniqueness. However, the traditional ceramic style has became the past, whatever we have done nowadays can’t exceed the ancient kiln, while the real contemporary ceramics have the features of times and internationalism, including porcelain painting can be recognized by foreign experts. It can be said, change the traditional ceramic to porcelain painting is a process of transition from craft to art.

    Alongda Ceramics--The material we used for paintings are high-temperature porcelain clay, this ancient material needs to cover transparent glaze, after 1300 degrees Celsius temperature reducing flame, in order to become porcelain white green-ware. It retains the elements and attributes pastel porcelain material, but is the language of painting by abstract art, to interpret human beings in the pursuit of modern life and dreams for the future of image.


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