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    EHMAC Hand painted PORCELAIN Painting Flowers- Newly-Married
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    porcelain flower painting

    Product description:

    Chinese HAND PAINTED TRADITIONAL WALL decor,Floral Paintings Flowers--Newly-Married

    Special features:
    "CHINESE WALL PANEL" , it is a porcelain handicrafts,a kind of wall hanging, with hand-painted pattern on the white and smooth porcelain surface.

    The pattern is hand painted with special mineral paint by our professional artisans,the pattern after fired enjoy a nice appearance--natural smooth. 

    The pattern will NEVER FADE AWAY : the porcelain pattern is fired at a temperature between 700 and 800 ℃.

    With our Brand logo EHMAC on the back of the painting,the back is Naked for feeling its unique texture directly.

    100% Handmade Porcelain artwork,permanent storage,It's a wonderful gift for you and your friends.


    Made in China

    Usage: Home/office Decoration

    Framed Ready to hang Wall Art.

    As it's hand painted by our artisans, the product you received will be slightly different from the picture online.

    Please Note display pictures are only for illustration purposes,They were not take in real display rooms and do not represent the real size of the paintings.They are just an idea to help you being aware of how this porcelain paintings looks like in a room

    Weight: N.W:8kg /17.6lb  ; G.W.: 10.2kg/ 22.4lb


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